Posted On: 01/6/16 12:00 PM

The Highland Shootout is a must see event annually in southern Illinois.  This year’s field is stacked!  Here is the lineup for the January 9th event along with prospects to watch.



January 9



Highland High School



11:00 AM  Highland vs Troy (Girls Game)
1:00 PM  Okawville vs Breese Central
2:45 PM  Springfield Lanpher vs Hazelwood Central (MO)
4:45 PM  Highland vs Vianney (MO)
6:30 PM  Peoria Manual vs Father Tolton (MO)
8:15 PM  Belleville Althoff vs Chaminade (MO)
Prospect Watch


SG Logan Kohrmann (Breese Central)
PG Xavier Bishop (Springfield Lanphier)
SG Xavier Sneed (Hazelwood Central)
PF Domonique Dobbs (Hazelwood Central)
SG Austin Elledge (Highland)
SF Jayson Tatum (Chaminade)
PF Tyler Cook (Chaminade)
PG Mike Lewis (Chaminade)
PF Will Gladson (Chaminade)
PG Tarkus Ferguson (Belleville Althoff)
SF Brendon Gooch (Belleville Althoff)
SG Keenan Young (Belleville Althoff)



SG Noah Frederking (Okawville)
PG Aundrae Williams (Springfield Lanphier)
PG Yaakema Rose (Springfield Lanphier)
PF Will Boles (Springfield Lanphier)
SF Michael Porter (Father Tolton)
PG Da’Monte Williams (Peoria Manual)
SF Romon Williams-Douglas (Peoria Manual)
SG AJ Youngman (Peoria Manual)
SG Reggie Crawford (Chaminade)
SG Jordan Goodwin (Belleville Althoff)
SF Marvin Bateman (Belleville Althoff)
PG CJ Coldon (Belleville Althoff)
PG Edwyn Brown (Belleville Althoff)



SG Caleb Frederking (Okawville)
SG Cardell McGee (Springfield Lanphier)
C Carte’Are Gordon (Vianney)
PF Jontay Porter (Father Tolton)
SF Jericole Hellems (Chaminade)



Karl Wright (Springfield Lanphier)


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