Conference Preview

Posted On: 12/29/15 8:51 AM

RankTeamRecordW's of NoteL's of NoteLast Week
1SF Roosevelt17-5OG (x3), BV (x3), Harrisburg, RCS, AC, Mitchell, YanktonSFW (x2), Huron, RCC, Yankton3
2Yankton20-4OG, AC, SFR, Mitchell, RCCBV, SFW, Harrisburg2
3SF O'Gorman17-7SFC, SFL, RCC, RCS, AC, STM, SFW, Mitchell, SFW (x2), HarrisbugSFR (x3), Yankton, Tea, BV, Harrisburg4
4SF Washington17-4SFR (x2), Yankton, Harrisburg, BV, Tea, Mitchell, AC (x2)SFOG (x3), Yankton1
5Harrisburg17-7RCC, Yankton, SFOG, AC, MitchellSFW, SFR, Mitchell, BV, SFC, AC, SFOG6
6Brandon Valley16-8Yankton, SFOG, AC, Harrisburg, RCC, MitchellSFL, SFR (x3), Mitchell, SFW, AC7
7Mitchell15-9RCC, SFL, BV, Harrisburg, ACSFC, Pierre, SFR, SFOG, Yankton, SFW, Yank, BV, Harrisburg5
8Aberdeen Central13-11RCC (x2), SFL, BV, HarrisburgRCS, Yankton, Tea, BV, SFOG, SFR (x2), Watertown, Harrisburg, Mitchell, SFW8
9Watertown8-13RCC, RCS, ACSFW, Yankton, SFR, SFOG, BV (x2), Mitchell (x2), Harrisburg, BV9
10Rapid City Central11-9Huron, SFRMitchell, AC (x2), SFOG, Harrisburg, Watertown, RCS, Yankton, BV10
  • Watertown is not only the lone undefeated, they also have the wins to back it up
  • We tried our best to use head to head as the basis for this whole team ranking.  Impossible to do that perfectly but we based all of this on who teams have beat, who they lost to.  That is why Washington fell four spots.  Plus they have lost four games.
  • Yankton jump is pretty big but they did beat Washington.
  • The Ws and Ls of note will get pretty big so we are going to limit them to AA teams for the most part and skip out of state programs.
RankTeamRecord W's of NoteL's of NoteLast Week
1Sioux Falls Christian20-5Lennox, WC, STM, DR (x2), Mitchell, Madison, Tea,Harrisburg, Vermillion, SVSFOG, Vermillion, SV, Flandreau4
2St. Thomas More21-3Douglas, Tea, DR, Madison, Chamberlain, VermillionSFC (x2), SFOG5
3Vermillion23-2TV, Tea, VH, SFC, WC, DR, DV, Madison, Flandreau, WinnerDR, STM1
4Sioux Valley23-2CWL, Sisseton, Tea, DeSmet, Parker, Flandreau, SFC, Chamberlain, DVDV, SFC3
5Dakota Valley22-3Tea (x2), WC, SV, MP, DR (x2), WinnerSFC, Vermillion, SV2
6Dell Rapids16-6Tea, DRSM, WC (x2), Madison, RCC, VermillionSFC (x2), Vermillion, Flandreau, DV (x2), STM7
7Chamberlain18-6Flandreau, TZ, VH, PC. MP, Madison, PG, WinnerWinner, Hanson, Lyman, WC, STM, SV9
8Winner20-5LX, Chamberlain, PG, MP (x2)WC, White River, Vermillion, Chamberlain, DV6
9Tea Area14-8Madison, SFOG, AC, WCDV (x2), DR, SV, Vermillion, STM, SFC, SFW8
10Mobridge-Pollock15-6PC, GA, EllendaleDV, TZ. Chamberlain, Winner (x2), LB10
  • Few if any changes compared to the other levels. That is why More goes from 2, to out. How can that happen?  Nobody else lost a game that is worthy of taking them out.  More lost to Sisseton who is solid but not a ranked team.
  • Why not Sisseton?  They los to Tri Valley.  Why not Tri Valley? They lost to Vermillion who last week was our number 11 and now they move in at ten.
  • More is of course this week’s 11 and they can get back in quick as they have Roncalli tonight.
RankTeamRecordW's of NoteL's of NoteLast Week
1DeSmet25-1CWL, DR-SM, VH (x2), Arlington, Howard, Canistota, PG, ELB, Flan, WW, WR, ACSV1
2Aberdeen Christian20-5Hanson, PC, WSS (x2), W/S, LA, DRSM, WRWarner, Ipswich, Howard, VH, PG, DeSmet8
3Dell Rapids- St. Mary19-4WR (x2), Chester, ELB (x2), Howard, Hansonm VHDeSmet, DR, ELB, Canisota, AC3
4White River19-6PG, Winner, Lyman, Canistota, LBTZ, Howard, DR-SM (x2), Canistota, De Smet7
5Canistota22-4BE (x2), ELB, FA, Hanson, WR, Parker, DRSM, Howard, WS, LBDeSmet, VH, AC, WR2
6Elkton-Lake Benton18-5LA, DR-SM, HowardCanistota, DR-SM (x2), Howard, De Smet4
7Howard18-4Chester, WR, BE, AC, ELB, PG, VGDeSmet, DRSM, Canistota, ELB5
8Viborg-Hurley18-7BE, Hanson, Canistota, AC, LymanDeSmet (x2), Vermillion, Chamberlain, Howard, Madison, DMSM 6
9Platte-Geddes16-6SissetonDeSmet, WR, Chamberlain, Howard, Winner, AC9
10Lower Brule17-9FA, WS, MP, PC, LymanTZ, WR, Winner, WW, SC, DeSmet, WRNR
  • Moved everybody around it seems but nobody dropping.  Why?  They are playing each other in good games so you can’t punish them for playing each other.   Langford lost to Potter who lost to Warner.  Warner is our new number one edging out Canistota.  White River slips after losing to a Nebraska team. Our undefeateds move up, others move down, nobody has an L yet that makes us drop them.
  • Who is waiting for a bad loss to get in? Rosholt, Herreid/Selby, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket, Deubrook maybe, and Harding County had their shot last night not lost to Warner.