Posted On: 11/7/15 7:00 PM

November 7th, 2015

West Jeff 2016 forward Ray Anderson has really begun rounding his game out. He's a very high level athlete who excels in the open court and rebounding both in and out of his zone. Standing 6'5, he has touch that extends out to the three point line.

"My strongest parts of my offensive game is being a all around player." Anderson has the ability to score from every level and as his ball handling improves, he has a chance to move to the perimeter. Right now he's a handful around the rim.

The energy he plays with (and the entire West Jeff roster for that matter) is something you can't really teach. "My strongest parts on being a defensive player is to communicate with my team and hustle." Understanding the important of communication is a big head start to being a high level defender.

As someone who routinely finishes in traffic both in a half court set and the break, Anderson said, "The part of my game I'm working on is being able to finish above the rim every time I get a open lane." He will need work on his ball handling and continue to develop his shot

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