Posted On: 11/5/15 2:00 AM

Jack Buckmelter, a member of the Billups Elite AAU program, tries to soak up every conversation he’s able to have with its namesake, Chauncey Billups. One pearl of wisdom from the former NBA Finals MVP especially sticks with him.

“He obviously played basketball at every level, and he said he never had more fun that when he was playing at George Washington, playing at the Thunderdome on Saturdays,” Buckmelter said of his conversations with Billups. “There were not worries. It was just basketball. You’re just playing.”

Now, Buckmelter can relate. After sitting out the first part of the year following his transfer from Colorado Academy, Buckmelter suited up for Denver East as a junior last January and was blown away by the passion that surrounded the program.

“It’s just the beast of the scene, how much people care about it,” Buckmelter said. “It’s just so much different. I love it.”

Buckmelter will be a big part of that scene this season as he shifts into the point guard role to replace last season’s Colorado player of the year, Brian Carey, who is now playing college basketball at Texas Southern.

Buckmelter is well regarded as a player who can light it

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