Posted On: 11/18/15 6:00 PM

Caleb Hardy needed a change. Not just in high school, but in terms of how he played on the court, too.

This all worked out when he moved to Liberty Christian for this school year. It provided him different scenery and a different style that would help round out his game as he preps for college.

“They pretty much play five out, everybody active, everybody plays like a guard offense,” Hardy said. “I’ve gotten a lot better on the perimeter, and honestly, I feel like I’m an equal player on the perimeter now than I am in the post.”

This development is helping the 6-foor-4 power forward become an intriguing prospect. Hardy is ranked No. 97 in the Prep Hoops Indiana Top 200 updated last week.

His insides skills and the potential to play outside make him a potential three in college. It has helped him gather interest from multiple schools, including Earlham College and Anderson University.

“I’m kind of a do a little bit of everything type of player and that plays with the offensive strategies at Anderson and Earlham,” Hardy said. “Their offensive strategy doesn’t put any certain person in one position, so I should fit in with

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