Posted On: 11/25/15 7:30 PM

The wings in the state are simply guys who would not likely see time at the one and at the next level will be players who are backcourt oriented. Some may see the post in high school simply due to size but have already shown the skills to transition to the wing. Others may be smaller but are primarily off the ball players.

The top two players are Galen Alexander and Brandon Rachal and they are certainly different on the court. Galen is more of an athletic scorer with added range on his jumper but a focus on offense while Rachal is not only the best defender in the state but one of the best in the nation but still scores at a nice clip.

Kaedrick Williams continues to improve as a ball handler and jump shooter but like Kevin Norman, his best work is done attacking the rim. Both are athletes and can defend the perimeter as well as score from out there.

When it comes to athletes though, Dexter Dennis may be in a class of his own. In the dunk contest at our camp, very few even wanted to participate but just watch the show. He's got a very fluid shooting motion that will

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