Recruiting Report: George Sydnore (2017)


Posted On: 07/31/15 11:45 PM

July 31, 2015

Even after a summer spent playing with Baltimore Elite’s 16U program, 6-foot-3 shooting guard George Syndore has yet to see his recruitment take-off.

A defensive specialist, the junior-to-be says he hasn’t even seen light recruitment letters come his way, but hopes that all changes soon.

“I still don’t know, I haven’t talked to any coaches yet or anything, and no mail,” said Syndore. “I think it’s a wait-in-line type thing, but yes I’m hoping it all starts up soon.”

During his summer playing with Baltimore’s Finest, Syndore said he worked to improve his offensive skillset, and his jump-shot as well as ball-handling are both improved.

“Towards the beginning I wasn’t really getting what I wanted offensively, then I started getting it together, my jump-shot is a lot better now for this upcoming season,” he said. “I’ve been working hard on my ball-handling, and I feel like I’ll average fewer turnovers this season.”

As he gets set for his junior season at St. Frances, Syndore says he hopes to nab a starting spot, but that nothing is guaranteed, especially since he says some transfers will be coming in.

“We only lost two seniors and I think we have a chance to be really, really good,” said Syndore. “I started in the team camps, but I’m not really sure if I’ll start yet or not, I know we have two seniors transferring in.”

March 11, 2015

It’s not very common to see a high school sophomore whose sole purpose on the basketball court is to play defense — we found one.

St. Frances 2017 George Sydnore tells PHM that his purpose on the hardwood is to hound defenders and be the team’s defensive stopper.

“I mainly helped my team defensively, me and my coach really had a focus on defense, not really on the offense so much,” said Sydnore, PHM’s 60th-ranked 2017. “If the offense came it came, but I’m mostly a defender.”

The 6-foot-3 guard came off the bench for St. Frances this season and says his offense would come from his defense — he just did what was needed of him on the offensive side of the court.

“I played my role,” said Sydnore. “I let the game just come to me on the offensive end.”

The defensive stopper mentioned that he’ll switch grassroots programs this summer and  play with Baltimore’s Finest.

“I plan on working on my ball-handling and my shooting, but I’ll work on my whole game, everything,” he said. “And I plan on getting a lot bigger for next year.”

His recruitment letters have started to trickle in, but Sydnore says his parents are keeping it hush-hush for the moment.

“My father has received some mail, but he doesn’t really let me know what’s going on,” said Sydnore.