Posted On: 04/15/18 3:24 PM

The Storm Classic at Grand Rapids featured a mixed bag of AAU programs across the Great Lakes region. While there were more Michigan teams than any other state, Ohio was well represented by the C2K Elite and Nova programs, along with strong performances by All Ohio Rebels, Ohio Varsity Shooting Stars, and a couple others.

After soaking in the action from Friday night to championship Sunday, we’ve selected five performers from the Buckeye State who constitute the Prep Hoops Ohio All Tournament Team.

By the way, we wanted to feature at least one point guard and one post player or true forward on this team, with three other spots filled by whoever.

Andre Gordon (2019), 6’2” PG, C2K Elite / Sidney

Gordon doesn’t play like a kid who just switched over to hoops full-time, previously identifying as a two-sport Division I prospect. The kid is unbelievably skilled.

He’s nasty off the dribble and has an assortment of crossovers to go to. Gordon made more tightly contested shots than anyone all weekend, as he’s capable of rising for a jumper against quality defense. If he was able to get a bit more separation, it’s hard to imagine his production. Gordon also impressed with his vision as the weekend went on, even dropping a pair of behind the back assists on the break. C2K’s 17s want to play a fast game and Gordon did his part on the defensive end, making ball-handlers change direction all the way up the floor.

Amari Davis (2019), 6’4” G, C2K Elite / Trotwood

Davis has an uncanny ability to finish with his left hand (his strong hand) in the paint. He challenges shot-blockers by jumping straight into them and is able to contort his body for the finish. It’s impressive that he’s able to come downhill full-speed and then just kiss it off the glass. Also, his mid-range jumper was money and he gets a ton of lift on that shot.

Davis is another player that thrives in their full-court pressure philosophy. He can move his feet, but the active length is his most intriguing asset on that end of the floor. In our opinion, every mid-major/high-major program in Ohio should be on Davis.

Zeb Jackson (2020), 6’3” G, C2K Elite / Maumee Valley

Jackson is a high upside prospect and the featured member of a very talented C2K 16U team. Playing off-ball, Jackson is asked to be the secondary ball-handler and (mostly) score the ball. Defenders are stuck on their heels because of Jackson’s patented jab step, limitless jumper, and the threat of him blowing by. He’s scoring the ball at all three levels and delivering clever assists going into the Live Period. Jackson’s length, jumper, and first step gives him tremendous upside.

Matt Allocco (2020), 6’3” PG, C2K Elite / Hilliard Bradley

Allocco made us look pretty dumb for moving him down ten spots in our most recent 2020 rankings update. The floor general was the point guard of point guards for a C2K group that has a ton of talent in the backcourt. His intangibles are hard to measure or articulate. Allocco makes sure everyone is on the same page on defense, encourages, and plays with a ton of confidence as their primary ball-handler. Shows natural leadership ability.

The Central Ohio sophomore also was responsible for a lot of buckets. His ability get into the lane is impressive. Once he’s down there, Allocco uses his mature foot-work, toughness, and size against opposing point guards to score it. He also delivered assists to shooters and showed noticeably chemistry with Zeb Jackson. Allocco almost made the All Defensive Team because of his communication and ability to stay in front.

Hayden Stone (2020), 6’8” C, Nova (Alleyne) / Carey

Stone makes the list because of what he brought to the defensive end from the 5 spot. He was spectacular in every defensive situation. On Saturday night particularly, opponents successfully pulled him away from the basket to make him defend guards. And Stone thrived! The stocky post player can move his feet, hedge or switch screens, and close-out extremely well. Inside, Stone changes shots near the rim and controls the glass.

Anything he gives you on offense is a plus. He finished through contact occasionally. Stone’s short-range jumper is a bit flat, but it went in. Kid has real upside as a Division I prospect.