Posted On: 01/10/18 5:01 AM

Flyin’ to the Hoop is this coming weekend and all, but the Play by Play Classic was about as perfect a day of Ohio basketball imaginable. We’d be setting ourselves up for disappointment if we thought this weekend could bring us a more compelling day of games than what happened Sunday. Six of the seven contests were close in the fourth quarter, under-the-radar prospects emerged (check below), and even the proven college signees made their case to move up the rankings!

As always, most importantly the players made plays. So we’ll take a look at those performances now…

EJ Farmer (2021), 6’4” G, Lutheran East

We expect Farmer to be one of the best guards in the 2021 class by the time he graduates. He scored 26 points on just 15 shots in a close game against Gilmour Academy, mostly coming from beyond the arch. The lefty is very confident on catch-and-shoot opportunities. Also, he showed his upside as a creator, as he dropped a couple no-look dimes to his post players off the dribble.

Dayvon Adams (2020), 6’2” G, Lutheran East

Adams was absolutely on fire from deep on Sunday. He mainly hung out in the corner and waited patiently for the ball to be swung to his side. From there, Adams hit a ton of 3-pointers, scoring a team-high 28 points.

Hunter Drenth (2020), 6’7” F, Revere

Drenth was the beneficiary of Pete Nance’s slick passing from the high post. However, he does deserve a lot of credit for his off-ball movement, as he occupied the opposite baseline cleverly when Nance was doubled. Drenth is a pretty athletic kid, dunking it three times and soaring in for some high rebounds. He scored 20 points in their overtime victory over Holy Name.

Dakota Cochran (2020), 6’2” G, Shaker Heights

Cochran was continually lost by the St. Edward defense somehow and ended up with 30 points in the game. He dropped in several 3-pointers coming off Dale Bonner assists and was a major reason why the Raiders had any chance of winning the game.

John Hugley (2020), 6’9” C, Brush

Hugley’s assertiveness on the inside was the main reason Brush upset Garfield Heights. He met Alonzo Gaffney’s length with power on the low block, forcing his way into the paint for right hooks. It was a mismatch in Hugley’s favor on that end. Even though Hugley didn’t shoot a great percentage on post moves, he was a force on the offensive glass and converted some crucial and-ones late. He scored 14 for Brush even though he’s still recovering from an ankle problem.