Posted On: 06/6/17 5:46 PM

As a slender, long, and growing 6’7” forward, it’s hard to project where Na’Elle Simmons (2019) will end up at the next level. Currently, he seems to have a high Division II floor. But the ceiling is difficult to project.

What’s for certain is that prospect from Beechcroft High School is growing by the day.

“Been in the gym every day working on my craft … Trying to learn how to play outside, on the perimeter,” Simmons said.

He’s impressed us with his awareness near the basket lately, making his perimeter ambitions intriguing, especially since he could continue to add height. According to his doctors, they say he’ll top off around “6’9-6’10.”

The potential of a 6’10” combo forward could open his recruitment to an entirely new stratosphere. But, at this moment in time, Simmons is seeing interest from some unnamed Division II programs.

“My coach wants to keep [my recruitment] a secret right now,” Simmons said, when we asked about specific schools who are interested in him.

We talked to Simmons just after coming back from a camp at Alderson Broaddus. While he neither confirmed or denied Alderson Broaddus’ interest, Simmons did say he was satisfied with his performance there.

“That went good … I stretched out during that camp. I was more on the wing,” Simmons told Prep Hoops.

Simmons is one of many players who has shown impressive talent with Pro Bound these past few months. It will be interesting to see him this coming high school season with Beechcroft. Because as Simmons explained, his role changes significantly between the two programs.

“For Beechcroft, I don’t have to work as hard because everyone is as big as me for the Beechcroft team. But for Pro Bound, I’m supposed to at least get 10 rebounds a game and have to average 20 points,” Simmons said.

Simmons later clarified that he enjoys the experience of playing in both of those roles.

“I’m a good role player. My biggest strength is my rebounding,” Simmons said. He also identified help-side defense, versatility, and scoring both inside and out as his primary abilities.

It will be interesting to see Simmons progress over the next few years, as he plans to make himself more of a combo forward, who poses a threat to defenses around the arch. We will continue to update his recruitment throughout that time.