Posted On: 01/28/17 3:08 PM

In just a year’s time Ethan Stanislawski (2018) has transformed from junior varsity player to starting point guard for Massillon Jackson. Even though the 6’2” junior had no previous varsity experience coming into the year, he earned the trust of his teammates early on.

“Just watching the seniors last year, like Ben Seaman and all them, kind of prepared me for what I had to do to be the starter … [I earned their trust] in the summer, when we went to those team camps, like Michigan and Ohio State and all them. I could tell that they liked the ball in my hands. You could feel the chemistry click for all of us,” Stanislawski said.

Stanislawski, who has good size at the point guard position, has also earned the respect and attention of some college programs.

“Walsh, they’ve been into me. There’s Mount Union. I’ve texted the High Point assistant coach a couple times,” Stanislawski said.

His father also mentioned that there was initial interest from Albion and Mount Vernon when we communicated.

Since PHO and Stanislawski last spoke, he’s simply become a better player. On Friday night, he cleverly used his size advantage against shorter defenders. When McKinley went to a full-court trap and applied the pressure, he simply stood tall and zinged passes overhead to teammates down the court.

“Whenever our teammate, Jaret Pallotta, takes it out of bounds on the side, I kind of always just stick my arm out and he’ll throw it out there and I’ll just jump and go get it over smaller guards. Then I also like to get offensive and defensive rebounds.”

Stanislawski has also been more aggressive this season as a scorer. He explained the growth by saying, “Not necessarily looking for my shot. But if it’s there, I’ll create for it.”

In order to take the next step, Stanislawski is hoping to make two defenders guard him every time he drives.

The next step in his recruitment process may materialize this coming summer. He’s a gym rat and has shown steady growth since we’ve been tracking him. As far as his personal expectations for the coming grassroots campaign, Stanislawski is keeping it simple.

“Just going to go out and play my best game every game,” Stanislawski said.

In the meantime, the junior will be working as a key factor on a State Champion contender for the rest of winter. Massillon Jackson’s next game is this coming Tuesday on the road against Green High School.